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My home my say co-production in Northamptonshire

posted on Monday 5th July 2010

SLK is pleased to support the NLDPB in the development of a co-production approach to making a housing plan for people with disabilities in the County. If you are interested in following the progress of this project and learning more about co-production in practice, please visit

The site will be officially launched in the next couple of weeks and  is a web based communications hub developed to keep everyone informed about progress and further encourage people with disabilities and their supporters to participate in the development of the housing plan (strategy).

As well as following the progress of the project, there will be lots of useful information added the site to help people with disabilities learn all about housing options, care and support, welfare benefits, education and employment opportunities etc so if you know of or have an existing resources that we can share please get in touch.

The discussion forum  developed for has large text and colour switchers and is available  free to anyone interested in making their discussion forum more accessible to users.

You can view the forum and its accessibility features at: 


Contact to learn more about making your website more accessible to  users


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