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DH Dignity in Care Audit Tools - Free Resources available

posted on Tuesday 18th May 2010

DH Dignity Champions can now access and share examples of how to evaluate their services and ensure they are delivering a good quality service that respects a persons dignity.

Added to DH website on on 25/11/2009
Updated on 17/05/2010

There are many organisations that have already developed audit tools to measure dignity. There is a list of the examples available below for you to gain inspiration from.

These audit tools have all been provided to us to share with champions so please review, use and adapt what you see here to develop a tool that will fit your organisation.

Remember you may need to look at numerus examples below to gauge what others are doing and learn from them.

The dignity in care campaign does not officially endorse any of the tools below but they do give a very good examples and starting point for you to develop your own tools from.

Audit Tool for working with vulnerable adults

Audit tool for working with older people
Dignity Challenge Audit Tool
Older People Mental Health Dignity

Dignity Test Audit Tool
North Somerset self assesment care home audit tool
Brighton & Hove Home Audit
Brighton & Hove staff survey
Dignity in care homes benchmark tool
Cheshire Dignity Assessment Tool
Sources of evidence to support the Dignity Challenges - Age Concern Cheshire
Challenge Audit
Dignity on wards
Achieving Dignity in Care Homes in Manchester
Care observation techniques
Matrons Dignity in care Audit Tool
Windsor & Maindenhead Audit Framework
Help the Aged dignity measures


or visit the Department of Health Care networks website for more information




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